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Advanced Retinol + AHA Night Treatment

Advanced Retinol + AHA Night Treatment

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"A perfect skin treatment, combining a powerful concentration of Retinoid Acid from Vitamin A and a triple fruit acid blend (Lactic/Citric/Tartaric) to provide a natural alternative to Traditional Retinol.
After using this powerful treatment, the skin is deeply moisturized, gently smoothes surface wrinkles, stimulates regeneration processes, evens skin tone and restores the skin's youthful structure in just a few days. Skin becomes brighter, smoother and more radiant with each use.

Active Ingredients:

Retinol (Beta-Carotene): Vitamin A, stimulates collagen and elastin production, while repairing the skin and resurfacing the skin - visibly improving signs of surface aging and filling in wrinkles and fine lines . Essential for skin health, prevents signs of premature aging and brightens skin for naturally healthy skin.

Lactic Acid: AHA stimulates collagen production and skin exfoliation, promoting cell regeneration for smooth, supple skin and youthful beauty. Reduces the darkness of melasma for even skin tone.

Glucosamine HCL: Non-acidic sugar compound that gently exfoliates surface dead skin cells for softer, smoother skin and evens skin tone. Promotes production of Hyaluronic acid which helps produce collagen and elastin - preventing signs of premature aging. Protects skin from environmental stress factors and helps skin retain moisture.

Ferulic Acid: Antioxidant from plants and fruits, slows the aging process by fighting and minimizing damage from free radicals that cause aging and stimulates the skin's regenerative functions while increasing Enhance the benefits of other antioxidants, such as Vitamins A and C.

Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract & Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea & White Tea): Gentle antioxidants help control inflammatory free radicals on the skin's surface and soothe irritated skin, reducing signs of aging skin, keeping it moisturized and soft."
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